Virtual Itinerary – In Depth

An in-depth look at what happens through your virtual program – week by week. With explanations, visual aids and more.

Virtual Itinerary – In Depth

Get the community, course and world class coaching to pivot your career – from home, from abroad, from … well, anywhere.

Over 2 weeks you’ll define what a fulfilling future looks like to you, and from that map out your entrepreneurial career change.

Using that, we’ll matchmake you to the right coach for your aspirations. And over 10 weeks you’ll get the expert guidance to make that new career happen, through our world class coaches, live workshops and practical learning.

Along the whole way you’ll be part of our community with access to events, other alumni, weekly workshops we host and more.

Whether it’s starting your own thing or joining a company you believe in – we’ve got your back.

FIND YOUR WHY – 2 weeks

This part gets you understanding what makes you come alive and gives you meaning.

From that, you can define your future – the key elements that constitute a fulfilling life for you – including the impact you want, work you love doing, key habits and the types of people you want to surround yourself with.

With that clarity of vision you’ll map out an entrepreneurial route to make it happen – from where you are now to the types of ideas and careers that’d suit you best.


Straight away, you’ll get access to our community – with events happening online to get you meeting others on this journey of change, and to give you that sense of momentum in defining your new future.

You’ll also get our self-guided workshop series. This takes the best parts of our tried & tested workshops from running 7 programs over the past two years, and gets them to you online. These will be complimented by interactive workshops we’ll be running throughout the week, so you can do some of those workshops alongside your peers.

The workshops are very “learn by doing” in approach. Expect to get short bursts of content and inspiration, followed by frameworks and questions that force you to delve deep within yourself and spend the rest of the next day mulling them over.

Getting people unlost is our specialty – here are some of the topics you’ll go through:

Understand what drives you, the skills you can leverage, and step in to what you fear.

Look beyond yourself, to the problems you want to solve in the world and why,

"Visualising success" is practiced by high performing athletes and entrepreneurs. Make the your vision board, then share it with the world.

Map our the habits, connections and entrepreneurial career that'll move you towards your defined future.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re beginning a personal brand, pursuing a side-hustle, joining a team or launching a startup.

What matters is that you’re following your own path and doing what makes you come alive.

Over these 10 weeks, we get you the best frameworks we know of – along with expert guidance from our coaches and the support of our community – to guide you towards your defined entrepreneurial future.


You’ll get regular 1on1 coaching. We have this so that you can learn from our coaches experiences and perspectives, and get asked the right questions as you take entrepreneurial action.

We only work with coaches who have successfully launched their own startups or personal brand careers – and have rather unconventional life stories.

They’ll meet up with you online for 45 minutes, five times over the next 10 weeks as you shape your new career.

You’ll also get weekly online workshops and access to our entrepreneurial course. These are our flagship workshops and premier online course; they’ve been iterated upon over the past two years with over 200 all-in students, 94% of whom now have entrepreneurial careers.

You’ll be able to do it on your own hours and can fit it around your schedule.

The weekly workshops will run at multiple times each week, because we have people from different parts of the world and because we know sometimes you’re busy at certain times of day. You’ll learn how to launch ideas rapidly, maximise your impact and deliver massive value to people around a problem that matters to you.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

Choose the right idea
What problems can you solve, and what do people need? Learn how to ideate and select the right one.

Selling to get your first customers
Learn the best practices needed to turn your early fans into paying customers.

The fundamentals of storytelling
From creating your personal brand to scaling a startup – storytelling makes it happen. So get good at it.

The rules of highly productive people
High performers, from athletes to entrepreneurs, use certain mindsets and routines to be the best. Apply them to yourself.

Building a website (as an MVP)
From lean startup thinking, launch your idea cheaply and quickly – to fail fast or start building traction for your idea.

Reach your market with growth hacking
Techniques for fast growth in a short time on small budgets. Use it to grow your idea and add value to existing companies.

How to get your idea funded
Get an insight into the difficult yet simple world of early-stage funding; from crowdfunding to bootstrapping.

a heads up!

This part is even more “learn by doing” in approach. We believe that the ONLY way to truly get the skillset that’s so effective in creating remarkable lives … is to actually launch things into the world.

After launching your idea, later in the program you’ll be able to select whether to focus more on joining a company you believe in, launching a personal brand or launching a startup.

Along the entire 10 weeks, you’ll have access to our select community.

With continuing weekly guest events, alumni you can reach out to, gatherings around the world and more.


By the end of the program, you’ll know what a remarkable career looks like to you, and have taken massive action towards it. You’ll have learned some of the key skills to make it happen on your continuing journey towards it, and will now have some pretty inspiring people in your network too.

You’ll also have the option to stay in the community, and will be able to do our other programs at a discount.

But most importantly, you’ll be following your own path through your career.
Because life is too short to follow someone else’s path.


Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018