Uprise Stories #8: Leaving Corporate to become a Travel Entrepreneur - Jannick Seiero

Uprise Stories #8: Leaving Corporate to become a Travel Entrepreneur - Jannick Seiero

This episode, we talk to Jannick Seiero, who, having had some more time to reflect on what is really important during the global pandemic, has now left his corporate job to work full time on his own venture, Remodely.

Remodely was born out of a realisation that, although international travel is now somewhat more complicated, we actually have so much to explore on our own doorsteps that we can make our travel habits more sustainable.

So, Jannick is creating a weekend “stay-away” guide for his local area of Copenhagen and beyond.

We chat about how he came to realise he needed something more, the challenges he’s faced and how he’s grown as a person venturing into the unknown.

Jannick shares his top tips for starting a project on the side and what he's learned during the process:

1. Your idea doesn't have to be perfect

Jannick says that he's had lots of ideas and attempted side-hustles previously, but always kept them in the 'top drawer' rather than fully committing out of fear of failure and not wanting to put something "out there".

This time, his mindset changed as he realised that your idea doesn't have to be the perfect finished product.

Instead, you can get started and put things out there to test out before everything's perfect, so you can fail fast and learn as quickly as possible.

2. Get used to iterating and being open to changing your idea

The idea of testing things out, learning and then adapting and changing is a very different way of working than what we're used to in more corporate, larger organisations.

However, although it can be exciting to have an idea and want to run with it, it's important to observe and test whether or not the idea is really working before going all-in.

This means your mindset needs to open to changing your idea based on what you observe when testing things out.

3. Build a close support network

When building something alone, it's important to develop a strong community and network around you

People who you can bounce ideas off, challenge you, and share the ups and downs with.

Having others to go through the journey with is all part of the joy of it!

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Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018