Uprise Stories #6: Creating Happier Lives Through Habit Transformation, Robin Jonk

Uprise Stories #6: Creating Happier Lives Through Habit Transformation, Robin Jonk

From Corporate 9-5 to Personal Growth Founder | Robin Jonk, Founder of Chumble

This episode, we talk to Robin Jonk, who's left behind a successful corporate 9-5 to found his own company, Chumble.

Chumble aims to create 1 billion happier lives through habit transformation, and is launching it's first program very soon!

We talk about taking the leap from corporate into the unknown and the journey to finding meaning and real fulfilment.

Here's Robin shares his three top tips for leaving the corporate 9-5 behind and pursuing your own path...

1. Get clear on what a fulfilling life looks like for YOU, not society.

"From a young age, we're taught that success looks like having a good career, a high position and good salary.

But it was when I had all of those things that I realised it wasn't actually making me happy."

"So, I set out to visualise what a truly fulfilling life would look like for ME, not what society thinks it should look like."

2. Prepare for the practicalities of making the leap.

"I prepared for around 6 months before leaving my corporate job -

Saving up enough money so I could live without a salary, and I was also doing a number of courses"

This meant he had enough money saved up to allow him space and time to focus on his new venture, and research into the path he wanted to pursue to make sure it was right for him.

3. Overcoming imposter syndrome

"There are a lot of things that I'm not an expert in, but luckily I have people around me who are experts in different fields - and I feel really humbled about all the support I've received"

"Also as humans consistently underestimate the importance of our knowledge and experiences we've had so far,.

So whenever those feelings come up, I remind myself that it's ok to feel that way, but that it's not a realistic thought and it's not supporting anything - so I can continue on with the confidence that I need."

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Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018