Uprise Stories #5: The Future of Work Culture Side Hustler - Katalin Majoros

Uprise Stories #5: The Future of Work Culture Side Hustler - Katalin Majoros

Starting a Side Hustle While Being A Full Time Working Mum

This episode, we talk to Katalin Majoros, a startup Customer Success leader and mother, who's using her skills, experience and passion to develop her own side project - Culturehub.

Culturehub aims to encourage leaders to create happy and healthy work cultures around the world, in a fun and easy way.

Here, we talk about how she found her purpose, and how she's now getting her side project off the ground all while working full time and being a mother!

She gave us some super useful advice for anyone who wants to start a side project but isn't sure if they have the time...

1. Accept slow progress - it's still progress!

Katalin knows that as she's working full time (as well as being a Mum!) she doesn't have as much time to dedicate to her project as somebody who's doing it full time.

However, she says that accepting this and feeling positive about making progress no matter how slow it seems is better than not pursuing it at all and helps to keep her motivated.

2. Think about outcomes rather than hours worked

Instead of thinking about how many hours you're working and always thinking you need to be spending more time, think about what are the outcomes and milestones you're working towards.

That way, you work more productively and stay focussed towards your goals.

3. Share the load and make sure you have boundaries

Katalin ensures that she has scheduled in family time and is clear what family activities she's doing, and when she's working - as well as her partner sharing the childcare duties.

It's important to set those boundaries as, for Katalin, her goal is not to become obsessed with her project but also to be able to enjoy her life and her family!

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Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018