Uprise Stories #4: Corporate HR Star to Career Consultant, Laura Giraldo

Uprise Stories #4: Corporate HR Star to Career Consultant, Laura Giraldo

Corporate HR to Impact Career Consultant

This episode, we talk to Laura Giraldo who, having been a rising HR star at her current corporate employer, is now combining her skills with her passion for equal opportunities, career development and education to build her own consultancy and coaching business - Make It Happen Consulting.

Make It Happen Consulting, based in Medellin, Colombia, aims to help talented people to fulfil their career potential, increase their job satisfaction and emotional satisfaction.

Here, Laura gives some advice on going against the usual path and giving up a stable career and opportunities to have a bigger impact...

1. Think about what are the best and worst things that could happen?

When deciding whether or not to make the leap into the unknown, think about what is the best thing that could happen, what your life would look like if everything worked out. Then think about what the worst case scenario is.

Usually, if it doesn't work out it just means going back to what you're already doing a bit further down the line.

Thinking like this really helped give Laura the courage to jump into the unknown.

2. Stop planning and just start testing things out

In line with lean startup methodologies, Laura tested her first career coaching sessions on her friends to try out different techniques and formats in a 'safe' environment.

This allowed her to iterate and improve her product and get valuable feedback before trying them out on paying customers.

It also helped her to get recommendations and testimonials!

3. Don't settle

If you know in your heart that you want something else or something more from your life and career - take action and don't let society think that you should settle for what you have. It will be a difficult journey, but it will be worth it!

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Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018