Uprise Stories #3: Retail Ops to Sustainable Floristy - Alarna McCarry

Uprise Stories #3: Retail Ops to Sustainable Floristy - Alarna McCarry

Moving To A Brand New Industry | 3 Pieces of Advice

This episode of our Uprise Stories series, we talk to Alarna McCarry, who left behind the world of retail operations after being made redundant to pursue her passion for sustainable floristry by founding her business,The Wild Society.

Alarna shares some advice on how she's navigating the move into a completely new industry - despite being very successful in her previous career, plus how she's landing her first clients and getting her new venture off the ground!

Here are 3 main things to take away:

1. Don't fall into the trap of always feeling like you have to be busier and working harder than all your friends!

Instead, giving yourself space and time to think about what really matters to you, what you want out of a career and the life you want to have will allow you to find a much clearer sense of direction, and create a life you actually want to live

2. Think outside of your existing 'career skills' and 'industry knowledge'

Just because you're good at Operations doesn't mean you have to stay in Operations forever.

By looking beyond her current skillset into what she enjoyed doing in the past, and skills she didn't put to good use in her previous role, Alarna uncovered that she has actually always been very creative, with a natural ability to visualise an end result then make it happen by learning along the way..

...Or "winging it" as she put it!

3. Don't compare your progress to other people's

No two journeys, careers and businesses are the same, and there will always be other people who are better, or further on than you in some way or another.

Constantly comparing yourself to others can get very demotivating, so instead only look at other people for inspiration or advice, and be comfortable and confident in where you are NOW and the progress that you're making.

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Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018