Uprise Stories #10: On a Mission To Build Women's Career Confidence, Sara Martos Algarra

Uprise Stories #10: On a Mission To Build Women's Career Confidence, Sara Martos Algarra

This episode, we’re talking to Sara Martos Algarra.

Sara is a successful communications specialist who wanted to spend her extra spare time during the global lockdown to develop herself personally and professionally.

During the 12 weeks of our virtual program, Sara discovered she has a passion for supporting women to build the confidence they need to start the career of their dreams.

She’s now is in the process of launching her passion project, Jungling alongside her full time career, to teach women essential career skills like negotiation, decision making and communication.

Here are 3 things Sara has learned from pursuing what is meaningful to her and launching an idea (despite not setting out to be an entrepreneur!)

1. Maximise your time so you can balance your personal and professional life

Sara realised that time was super important to her in order to be able to do her job, pursue things which are meaningful and have time for family, friends and herself!

Things like re-organising her day, getting up earlier and establishing boundaries between work and personal time really helped her achieve everything she wanted without burning out.

2. Talk to people!

When trying to figure out what's really important to you, who you are and what you want to spend your time doing, Sara found it very helpful to talk to other people.

For example, talking to people who are already working in advertising - something she thought she might be interested in to find out what it's really like.

She also leant on her peer-group to bounce ideas off, be challenged and receive the emotional support she needed through a very challenging process.

3. Validate your idea

Although Sara never set out to launch an idea, having gone through the process of creating an validating it she realised that there is actually an audience and a need for what she's building.

This gave her confidence and motivation to know that her passion project, Jungling, can really help people, and so is now looking at ways to actually launch it!

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Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018