Uprise Stories #1: Corporate Career to Watersports Entrepreneur - Hasan Jad

Uprise Stories #1: Corporate Career to Watersports Entrepreneur - Hasan Jad


In our new series, Uprise Stories, we're interviewing the remarkable people who are building unconventional careers doing things that make them feel truly alive.

In our first episode we talk to Hasan Jad Traboulsi, virtual Alpha program alumni and founder of Rakmajeh, about his journey from a successful 10-year corporate career to surfing entrepreneur.

The three main pieces of advice he gives in the interview are:

1. Lean into the 'unknown'

When thinking about making a career change or starting something new, you won't have it all figured out yet, or know what the ultimate 'end goal' is, and the fear of this 'unknown' can stop you from wanting to pursue something new.

But, instead of letting fear prevent you taking action, embrace the idea of operating in the unknown, adopt a curious mindset and be open to see where things naturally lead.

2. Make space for new ideas and opportunities

Instead of leaping from full time job into something new, Hasan took some time off and travelled in order to 'empty the cup' and make space for new thoughts, ideas and opportunities.

Although in today's world it's easy to feel like we need to be busy all the time, giving yourself permission to explore and space to breathe is essential for pursuing a new path.

3. Define a clear direction

Having a clear sense of your 'why', and a clear vision of what you want your future look like will help you to decide what next steps to take - even if you don't know the end goal yet.

Exercises like defining your personal mission and creating a vision board are a great way to help you do this.

Listen to the full interview below or over on our SoundCloud.


Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018