Uprise Stories #11: Launching a Purpose-Driven Side Hustle, Alexandra Dias

Uprise Stories #11: Launching a Purpose-Driven Side Hustle, Alexandra Dias

Our guest today is Alex Dias, who for a while felt like there was something missing from her life at as was - and that was the sense of working on something with real meaning to her

During her spare time during the covid outbreak, Alex set out to discover what was really meaningful to her, and is now launching her passion project - Chyldbirth - while still working in her full time job as a GIS engineer.

Chyldbirth aims to support women and future parents before, during and after pregnancy - by providing information, exercise classes, courses and an emotional support both through a community to share the journey and partnerships with a team of experienced professionals.

It’s specifically designed to support ex-pats who, due to language barriers and other factors can often struggle to get the information and support they need - something Alex has personally seen her friends struggling with.

Here are Alex's three key tips and learnings for starting a passion-project:

1. Find something that matters to you, no matter how niche it is.

When most people think about starting purpose-driven companies or side hustles, they think about BIG problems and trying to save the world.

Alex's project is super niche - helping ex-pats get the support and information they need during pregnancy. But, despite being niche it's still a real-life problem and a real need in the world that needs to be solved.

It also has real meaning to her, as it's a problem she personally saw her friends go through and would like to have for herself in the future!

2. Keep sending out 'pings' to build momentum!

Alex struggled initially with self-sabotage and holding back from taking action.

She realised that doing small things and sending out little 'pings' every day - like reaching out to somebody, scheduling a call or starting that facebook group meant she would then keep getting the 'pongs' back.

That means you have a constant stream of momentum which prevents you stopping and stagnating.

3. Seek out people that share your purpose, even if you feel like you're not ready yet!

Many people don't reach out to anyone else, like potential partners or customers until they feel like they have the finished product.

Instead, Alex has been reaching out to people that share her purpose for supporting women during pregnancy, so that she can bounce ideas off them and start building a network.

This helps to shape her project into something that other people really want and need, discover new ideas and get the help and support she needs to make it a reality.

Listen to the full interview below or on our Soundcloud.


Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018