Uprise Stories #12: Engineer Turned Side-Hustling Inventor - Ananta Kälberer

Uprise Stories #12: Engineer Turned Side-Hustling Inventor - Ananta Kälberer

Our guest today is Ananta Kälberer - a physicist and engineer, who's always been full of ideas and inventions, and always wanted to create something of her own but never could decide what to do or how to start.

Now, she’s building a product that lets you open your windows to let in the fresh air, but at the same time keep unwanted noise outside.

We talk about the challenges she’s facing creating a physical product, and how on earth she settled on an idea after having literally hundreds to choose from.

Here are her top tips for creating a new product from scratch in your spare time!

1. Use a mixture of data and 'gut feel'

At the start of the process Ananta had over 100 project ideas, so one of the major challenges was choosing just 1!

To settle on an idea, Ananta used data looking at things like market size and how easy or difficult they would be to start to give each idea a rating.

But, she said it was also important to use her gut feeling about ideas to assess how excited she was about each one, and whether it was an idea she could see herself working on in 5 years from now, not just a couple of months.

2. Connect with people who are experiencing the same challenges as you - even if they don't understand your industry

Although Ananta's project is very technical, and the people in her peer group don't necessarily share that same technical knowledge - she says it was still crucial to have support from people who were going through the same challenges.

Even if somebody doesn't understand the field you're working in, you will have a shared understanding of the entrepreneurial challenges and emotional ups and downs that is so important to feel supported.

3. A prototype doesn't need to be the finished product

Ananta is building hardware, which means she needs to build a physical prototype to test her idea.

Although this sounds complex, Ananta stripped it right back, thinking about what are the very first things she needs to prove work in order to prove her concept and build around that -rather than trying to build the product as it will look when it's finished and ready!

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Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018