Online Workshop: Peak Performance & Wellbeing

Online Workshop: Peak Performance & Wellbeing

"To achieve peak performance through wellbeing, you must learn to listen to your body, trust what it is saying and keeps solutions simple." - Chevy Rough

In this workshop, we got some expert guidance from Wellbeing Specialist, Chevy Rough, on managing your wellbeing to perform at your best and live a fulfilled life.

Chevy's been featured on the BBC's 'Mind over Marathon', GQ and Runner's World, worked with companies including Spotify and TikTok, and is an ambassador for the mental health charity, CALM.

Here are the main things we learned...

1. Stress

Stress is doses. Why?

  • It brings the body into a higher state.
  • That higher sate gives us energy and focus and forces us to adapt to become stronger.
  • Being stressed frustrated with a task is often the primer for growth and learning.

Stress becomes a problem when it is chronic.

2. Rest

Rest is where we assimilate learnings from the struggle and frustration.

This brings about creativity, strategic thinking and optimal decision making.

Rest should occur in small doses throughout the day...not just when you sleep or have a day off!

3. Energy

'Time is not the metric to success, energy and focus is'

Managing our energy is learning to move between states of 'stress' and 'rest'.

Here are some ideas of how to build in times of 'rest' into your day:

  • Do focused work in 20-90 minute blocks, followed by 5-15 mins of 'rest' (eg. go for a walk, do something that doesn't stimulate your brain!)
  • Take a longer, 30-45 min break every 3 hours (e.g. in the morning, lunch time and evening)
  • Do the toughest, hardest tasks at the beginning of the day when you're fresh.

Watch the full workshop:


Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018