Meet Our Partners

Meet Our Partners

As well as giving you the skills, community, coaching, and mindset to launch a career that makes you feel alive, we also partner with investors and talent recruiters to create opportunities for each cohort.


What does this mean for you? 

We can help get you access to:

  1. Seed funding for your idea
  2. Investment for your startup
  3. Opportunities to lead someone else’s startup idea
  4. Opportunities to work for someone elses’ start-up

This is in addition to the opportunities and connections already available to you through our diverse alumni community.

It’s important to know that we can’t guarantee that everyone will be handed one of these opportunities during the program. BUT…  During your time on our program (or even after you graduate), If you show your potential, or prove your idea has traction, it will make you stand out. 

Ultimately, our partners are looking to support talented people and viable business ideas. 


Who do we partner with to create these opportunities?

Seedrs - one of Europe's largest investor communities - is an equity crowdfunding platform that enables all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success.

Revolut raised £3.9Million from 4260 investors on Seedrs.

"As a company with a strong community following, it was difficult for us to trust an external brand with our reputation. However, from start to finish, Seedrs treated our company as if it were their own and took away the burden that comes with raising large sums of money from a large number of investors." - Nikolay Storonksy, Founder & CEO of Revolut

Check out some of the other companies they’ve helped to raise investment

Techstars - one of the world’s leading seed accelerators - is a global platform for investment and innovation. They connect entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations through their accelerator programs and have helped 2,157 companies (and counting) to access over $9.3Billion in funding.

On average, Techstars accelerator companies raise > $1M in the first round of investment post-program, and >$3M in subsequent rounds. This includes companies like ClassPass, Pill Pack, and Send Grid.

Techstars invests primarily through their mentorship-driven accelerator programs. This makes them the perfect next step once you’ve begun to launch your idea with Uprise Academy.

Check out some of the companies in their portfolio here.

Backed VC is a seed-focused European VC fund based in London. Their purpose is to back the optimists building a better future for everyone.

They’ve backed companies including Jukebox - the AI music production tech acquired by TikTok - as well as a host of mission-driven tech, fashion, and lifestyle companies.

Backed VC’s focus on mission-driven startups and companies focused on having a positive impact on the next-generation means that they’ll be particularly interested in any of our alumni with purpose-driven ideas.

Take a look at the companies in their portfolio.

Other Opportunities

Uprise Academy is also currently developing a partnership with a number of recruitment companies that will be able to help place our alumni on their new career paths.


In Summary

The aim of Uprise Academy is to get the most talented people of our generation doing things that make them feel alive. That means working closely with other companies and individuals that are undertaking the same mission.

Ultimately, so that we can support remarkable people and their purpose-driven ideas by working together to create a better future for everyone.


Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018