Common Questions

Common Questions

From speaking to hundreds of remarkable young professionals, there are a few common questions that pop up about our programs. Here are the main ones....

What is a day in the life on program?

It’s difficult to describe exactly - but a day in the life can be separated into a few key areas. Co-Living, Co-Working, and free-time.


From Monday to Friday you will be heading to the co-working spaces to develop your entrepreneurial skillset. That’s done by you launching your own idea that aligns with the purpose and future you defined in the first month of the program. At the coworking space you’ll work on this alongside your select tribe; collaborating with them, going through the virtual course we have, getting 1on1 coaching and occasionally doing pitch days.

The cowering space has rapid wifi and space for you to focus on this; with modern spaces and good amenities. Expect workshops too, on entrepreneurial areas from customer development to panel events about the realities of entrepreneurial careers.


You will be living in apartments alongside the selected tribe members for the entire duration of the program. In some countries this will be private, in others shared. You will always have your own private room, a kitchen area to prepare meals and living area to chill. They will always be located within a short distance of your co-working space so you can walk (or ride a scooter!).


You have a lot of flexibility at evenings and weekends to be able to do what you’d like. Many cook dinners together, go out to restaurants and bars - and have morning coffee together at the local cafes and breakfast spots. This is also time for you to take the space to work on yourself, cultivate new habits and make healthier routines.

On the weekends, you have the time and space to go explore the country you’ll be living in! Take a 2 day hike, head to the beaches or rainforest. Go off in a group or take some alone time to get some space - you can do whatever you want! Just be back for Monday at the co-working space for another productive week!

Do I need a business idea to be selected on program?

In short, no.

The program is designed to give you the inspiration, community and space to find what is meaningful to you, and redefine your career around that. The first month of the program is focussed on understanding your skills, what makes you come alive and where you find purpose. In the second and third months of the program you will launch a product/service that fits with that newly defined future; to get the startup skillset needed to make your redefined career a reality .You don’t need an idea, as we’ll go through the process of selecting an idea that aligns with your purpose.

You do need to know that you are willing to devote this next chapter to learning the entrepreneurial skills and habits that will help you in your next career step- because you see it as an important way to live your own life on your own terms.

Who typically is selected for our programs?

Our students are typically between the ages of 24 - 34, and they have a number of years experience as a professional. This could be in any discipline but typically Marketing, Law, Finance, and Design. They’re from many different countries, from North America to Africa and Asia to Europe; and have a very diverse set of skills and backgrounds. There is no specific profile we look for; we instead select for people who are highly capable, motivated to take action, open to learning fast and are easy to get along with.

Everyone we select feels “there’s got to be more to life than this” in the current career, having been high achievers in some aspect of their lives, and are ready to do something more exciting. They may not know exactly what they want to do next, or which idea to execute on, but they’re ready to find something meaningful and then act upon it.

Who are the coaches supporting my entrepreneurial development?

Our coaches are there to guide you through the process of launching your own product/service. That's because it's the best way to earn a startup skillset; by taking action in the real world and learning the mindsets, frameworks and habits of effective people around that.

The coaches are all people who have launched their own thing before; from personal brands to startups. All have had unconventional, mission-driven careers and know the value of focus, and asking the right questions to people as they go on their first journey of launching something.

They are deeply familiar with the program, syllabus and, most importantly, the journey of creating something new in the world from scratch.

Some of our current coaches:
• Kyle Zeno, who's built companies around the world before and designed our virtual course to guide you through the process of launching something.
• Andrew Mitson, who created a scaling startup UpLearn and was nominated to Forbes 30under30 globally.
• Troy Kagan, who has built online courses in entrepreneurship, run personal brand masterclasses and now coaches entrepreneurs while working as a COO.


Latin America, 2018


Latin America, 2018