Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Uprise is for those who won't settle for 'normal' and are making their own paths.

From founders of brands and side-hustlers, to purposeful explorers.

All of our members are chosen for being growth-minded and impact-driven.

with people launching ideas, growing brands, exploring new habits, going remote & more...

Why only 12 people in a Sprint?

We keep each Sprint group small, so that you can get to know each person properly over a month. For meaningful conversations and strong bonds to be made with each other.

From years of creating in-person and online micro-communities, through running Programs at Uprise, we've found that 12 is the optimal number for meaningful bonds to be made over a month.

Who runs these Sprints?

They're facilitated by our team, influencers & authors in personal growth, and successful entrepreneurs.

And ... you?

Once you've done a Sprint, you can even run your own – on a subject you're a pro in, or even one you just want to explore alongside likeminded people.

How do I join a Sprint?

To join one, you need to be a member of The Uprise Collective. That's our global community of founders, explorers and misfits. If you're selected for it, you'll get an onboarding call from one of our team. Where you'll be able to choose your first Sprint.

Is there content to go through on Sprints?

Sometimes... only when it helps you to take action on that topic.
The priority in Sprints is conversations with remarkable people, and making things happen.
Content is everywhere and easy to get. Instead we focus on doing.

What exactly do I get on a Sprint?

Four 90 minute sessions. Facilitated by an expert, on the topic you've chosen. Alongside upto 12 likeminded individuals.

By the end of a Sprint, you'll hopefully have achieved the goals you set yourself in that topic.
You will get a certificate, sure. But, really, it's about how much you'll have changed within yourself, and impact you've made entrepreneurially.

How do I join Uprise / what's the selection process?

First, you'll complete an invite request; where we'll learn more about your motivations and review your Linkedin profile.

If that's strong, you'll do an interview with us, online over video-call. This is a good opportunity for you to ask us questions too.

We will make selections for who can join our Collective based on this.

This selection process ensures we only select the right people, we ensure an amazing experience for you. Because much of the value in what we do, comes from the you sharing value and getting value from the others you'll meet.

What kinds of brands are people running in Uprise's Collective?

Most people in our collective, who launch companies, are making these:

  • Purpose driven brands
  • Freelance personal brands
  • Unconventional companies (from wellness retreats in the mountains of Peru, to experiences taking people into outer space... and yes, these are real companies made in our Collective!)

What do most people in the Uprise Collective do?

  • running brands & side-hustles
  • joining startups that align with their purpose
  • freelancing or remote working

Ultimately, it's all about creating a life around the values you hold and the person you'd like to become.
That's why, alongside that entrepreneurial drive, our members are also "personal-growth curious".

With action being taken around movement, self-awareness, meditation, storytelling and more.

How do we select people?

We select people based on 4 attributes; ambition, capability, openness and warmth.

AMBITION: we check this through your written application to us. Are you motivated by the right things and do you dare to follow your own path by taking bold action?

CAPABILITY: We use your Linkedin profile to see this. Are you someone who is able to make things happen? Do you have real experience and tangible skills? We aren’t naive – doing things differently is hard, so we only accept people who are highly capable

OPENNESS: We look for this on interview. Are you someone who’s open to being wrong, are you curios and looking to grow fast?

WARMTH: We also use the interview for this. There is no point in building a community of remarkable people if we can’t make friends within that group. So – are you someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously all the time, and can have good conversations?