Siggy Verelst

Siggy Verelst

Wellness Entrepreneur & Therapist

Siggy is an expert in unlocking personal potential working at both a personal and corporate level. Having trained as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and counsellor, Siggy also is co-founder of AlmaMundi retreat centre. With a career spanning across Australia, Belguim, Spain and the UK mentoring numerous thought leaders at critical stages in personal and professional transitions.

What advice would you give to someone considering an entrepreneurial career?

Go for it! Many of us live in the grip of fear and have learned to ‘not’ follow our dreams and ‘not’ go for what we really want. I believe that if we develop ourselves more creatively and in alignment with our unique talents and gifts, this will naturally make us more fulfilled human beings. Of course, some careful consideration and investigation also have their place in the process, which is what I can help with.

Who is a role model of yours?

David Whyte actually (philosopher). Because of his ability to investigate human existence and behaviour from his very unique point of view. I’m inspired by his balance between deep kindness and fierceness in his investigation of our inner world and motives.

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