Noor Alkhadra

Noor Alkhadra

Tech founder, AI Specialist, DJ & Artist.

Founder of WeGeek, a brand that uses online and offline events to create communities around gaming.
Formerly the partnerships head at Robonetica, creating AI driven racing cars. Regularly a speaker on international TV and artist … it’s fair to say Noor isn’t your typical person.

After growing disillusioned with the limitations of being a woman growing up in Saudi Arabia, Noor embarked on an illustrious and rather bonkers entrepreneurial journey. From being a 3D modeller and games designer, to doing art consultations and being head of product, she then leapt into founding her own company – WeGeek. Alongside that she regularly does speaking gigs around the world on AI, gaming and female entrepreneurship; and owns a creative cafe in Bali.

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