Lukas Hughes

Lukas Hughes

Product Lead and Founder

Having been a founder, Entrepreneurship Tutor at UCL and now Global Product Lead at a high growth VC backed tech company, Lukas is a passionate mentor with a doers mindset.

He champions the potential for personal transformation through entrepreneurship and has the technical experience to empower those seeking insights and wisdom.

So why would you like to collaborate with Uprise Academy?

I love the lasting impact Uprise aims to have on people's life. It is not just about giving you the tools to start a company - it's about giving you guidance and space to think about what is it that you want out of life. And then build your career around it. I think this is a huge challenge for anybody - especially for people who believe there is only one right way. And it can only work if you have a network of people to fall onto, bounce off ideas, vent. If I can be part of this network and help and support with my experiences, I'd be very happy.

What advice would you give someone considering a more entrepreneurial career?

This might be an odd one. But hear me out:

Think of all the decisions that your boss is currently making for you at your current job. The ones which have to do with uncomfortable conversations with team members, hard decisions on budget, making sure your team hits target etc. You will have to make all of these decisions yourself once running your own business - however big or small it is. So, to prepare yourself, assume that you have to make all these decisions in your current job already! See how your decisions differ to your boss'. If they do, ask your boss for feedback as to why this decision was made and reflect on the choices which were explained to you.   Pursuing an entrepreneurial career eventually will not only mean that you will be able to surround yourself with purposeful activities you care deeply about, but it will also put a lot responsibility on your shoulders. Responsibilities nobody can really train you for as they come with experience. So make sure to learn as much as possible from the experiences of others while you can fail with your decisions, to inspire your decision making once it's all on you.

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