Freelance Recruitment & Coaching

What were you doing before you joined the Uprise program?

I'd been working incredibly hard in recruitment for 5 years, working my way up from employee to leading a team to eventually running the entire department. However, I worked so hard that I completely lost contact with myself. So I decided to take a gap year to get back on track.

How has your career changed since graduating from Uprise Academy?

I went from being an employee to being a full time freelancer. That was something I really wanted. Until the trip I never made the time to actually select the right clients and convince them to work with me in a freelance capacity. Now I'm booked out for the rest of the year, working with clients I want to work with and who give me energy.

What was the most surprising thing about your experience with Uprise Academy?

What I learned is that I can fully trust myself, the trip was a massive confidence boost. On these trips you have to rely on yourself almost all the time, but I realised I could handle it all. Most surprising was that I was able to live with a big group of women haha.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for the program?

Input = Output. The results you get from the program very much so depend on what you decide to put into it. When you decide to go all in, the program will give you all the tools you need. If you don't take responsibility for your own goals the program won't solve this for you. You are your own savior.