Data Scientist

What were you doing before you joined the Uprise program?

Before the program I just finished a master’s in International Business, and my idea was to look for jobs abroad, however I came across Uprise Academy which looked like a much more interesting experience that combined learning and travel in Asia (which was precisely where I wanted to go initially).

How has your career changed since graduating from Uprise?

I’ve been looking to relocate in Asia, and I have also been sticking to certain habits I’ve acquired during the program. For example keeping a journal, practicing yoga, meditation, and generally being more mindful in my daily life.

What was the thing that surprised you the most about Uprise?

It would have to be the fast development of my capabilities to socialise. And also the push to come up with a new business idea, and all the general soft skills - from pitching a business idea to delivering a workshop to a large group of people.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for the program?

If you do decide to join, be sure to dedicate a hundred percent of your energy to the program and the course. Make sure to get out of your comfort zone, connect with every tribe and Uprise team member. Time will fly by while you’re out there, so make sure you’ve tried everything you wanted to try, from travelling, to connecting, learning etc.