What were you doing before you joined the Uprise program?

So I have a finance background, I worked 7 years as a Finance Manager in a consulting firm Paris and Dubai, and after I worked in an advertising company as the Head of Finance. I realised that I wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship, how entrepreneurs work and also their mindset. I needed to know how an entrepreneur goes from an idea to an actual business. So I found Nomad Academy and went for it!

How has your career changed since graduating from UpriseAcademy?

I am now creating a business to mentoring and lecturing young finance professionals and students and help them launch companies. I have some meetings today actually with a TV producer and start up company wanting to learn more about this project which is exciting'. I'm also working on another project which aims to provide on a local scale a platform for those both who promote a sustainable lifestyle and those who are seeking to be more sustainable in their lifestyle.

What was the thing that surprised you most after joining Uprise Academy?

Something I wasn’t expecting so much was the improvement in my self-development and personal growth, and I came away with a lot more confidence to make a business by pushing my limits. I found exactly what I was looking for. The course is aimed to give us the tools to create something from nothing, I didn’t know this before. I am now able to come up with a viable idea, develop this and then create a business. Yeah, and the amazing relationships with the rest of the community and the program directors was amazing. We realised after 1 or 2 weeks that we are all looking in the same direction and we created a really supportive environment to allow everyone to develop themselves.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for the program?

Just do it and apply! Because you are going to learn so much about yourself in a way you wouldn’t expect and that’s what I realised. I realised I was capable of way more than I thought. But you need to take the first step to apply. I really recommend it.