FinTech Manager

What were you doing before you joined the Uprise program?

My life before the program was crazy. I knew I wanted to change jobs because I was very frustrated. Frustrated with the people around me, the culture, my manager, all of it. I was incredibly tired, close to burn out. And all of this had been going for 2 years now, so I knew I had to get out! I needed a switch and see what else is out there. The working hours were crazy as well, I had no time whatsoever for anything outside of work.

How has your career changed since graduating from Uprise Academy?

From a working perspective I can finally focus on the actual work again, which I love. How I approach my stakeholders is radically different, I almost have no idea how I used to do this in the past. People listen to me and are receptive to what I have to say, which feels so good. The change is huge, going from a big corporate in financial services to a FinTech startup. As a country manager I’ve been given loads of responsibility. But I feel like I can do it, I feel focused and in control, I feel very confident but grounded at the same time. It’s great!

What was the biggest lesson you learned after joining Uprise Academy?

I am so much more calm and friendly, I feel at peace with myself now. I’ve had so many realisations and even though it wasn’t always easy, being for an extended period of time with people from all kinds of backgrounds has really shifted my perspective. I’m so much more open now.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for the program?

When you are frustrated or stuck, do something big! Just by making small changes daily, nothing will fundamentally change. Being frustrated is a sign you don’t know enough. So take action and be open!