Freelance Digital Marketing

What were you doing before you joined the Uprise program?

I'm from a traditional family, the normal thing was to become an employee. So go to college, get a good job and live from that. So I ended up in a corporate job for over 5 years.

However, I'm also a creative mind, always thinking outside of the box. My friends always thought I was a little bit of a weird one, "Greeny Gabi". And suddenly I met this girl, who was an entrepreneur who showed me a lot of books and took me to some meetings. Because of this I started to think differently "Ok, maybe there is another option". So thanks to that, I started to consider becoming a business owner and I started my blog. I even tried starting my own little company and had a job on the side until I got fired. I was so done! And that's when I came across the Uprise Academy.

How has your career changed since graduating from Uprise Academy?

Originally I wanted to start my own company but on the trip I realised who I was and I found the strength to say: This is how I want to live my life.

So that's why I switched to digital marketing instead of starting my own business. I'm working a lot with one of the other alumni.

What was the thing that surprised you most after joining Uprise Academy?

Most surprising: I met people from all around the world, who were so curious and different but suddenly I wasn't the weird one anymore.

The program was encouraging us to be and think differently. I learned that I am just a normal person who doesn't know yet what to spend my life on.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for the program?

It's for people who think outside of the box. This trip is for those who want to step outside of their own bubble and what is considered "normal". So if you do this, work hard and be willing to ask yourself questions.