What were you doing before you joined the Uprise program?

I worked as a Carpenter by trade. I worked up more closely into Management and so before the program I was a Construction Manager here in the US, very early starts!

How has your career changed since graduating from Uprise Academy?

Right now I'm working on creating a co-operative recycling program for local restaurants and bars here in Florida. Ultimately, the recycling system needs to incentivise more recycling habits so hopefully I can create the solution. I'm researching and doing data collection, and then launching my pilot over the next few months. One key learning from the program actually is detaching my sense of self from the project. My attitude now, which I definitely learned on program, is that success or failure doesn't define me on this mission - so I feel relaxed, calm and at ease about the future!

What was the most surprising thing about your experience with UpriseAcademy?

For me, the most valuable thing about the program was creating an environment where you have time to really focus on yourself, on one thing. The thing is, life passes so quick that you so rarely have 3 months to just focus your energy on your direction, your career, your life. I found that so beneficial because I couldn't get sidetracked from other bullshit tasks. To have that space and time for myself, to be given the structure each day to work on my project kept me super proactive and productive. Also - I was surprised that I was able to use so much advise and guidance from the tribe on the program regarding my project. I learned the importance of a network, the importance of

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for the program?

I mean, my ultimate advice would be to just do it. Because the thing is, when something feels completely terrifying and your rational mind is telling you to 'be safe and stay in that corporate and keep earning that regular salary', then that's when you should definitely do it! Playing it safe doesn't create anything amazing, the risk is needed to develop the most.